Apr 8, 2021 · We’re back with Day 2 of the L890 Airy Top & Comfy Dress Garment Sew-Along! In the previous post and video, I gave you an introduction to the pattern and went over the tools and supplies you’ll need to make your own garments.

The stitch length must always be adapted to the fabric. Sew using either 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads.

The beauty of this machine is when.

I thought I would take a moment to share some of my experiences with the L890, along with my entire line of reasoning as to why I purchased it, how I have used it (and plan to use it), how it compares to previous machines and whether or not I would have purchased it again.

Project tutorials Discover the BERNINA Blog The best tips & tricks for sewing. Page 47: Threading The Needle Manually. Sewing Machine Review: First Impressions of the BERNINA 735.

My BERNINA Workbooks for Serger Mastery.

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R. Sep 8, 2021 · L890 Guide Class #1.

With One-Step BERNINA Air Threader Intuitive operation via touch screen Fast, precise & quiet Manufactured by BERNINA 100% designed and engineered in Switzerland.

My BERNINA Serger Workbook 1 – Basic Serger Use.

Sep 10, 2020 · BERNINA L 890 – the revolutionary overlock / coverstitch combo from BERNINA. .

You should be proud of not only your new garments, but also those new skills you picked up, and I hope this brings more confidence into your garment sewing and sewing practice in general. .

Both the BERNINA hook and the CB hook can be removed.
I will be using the BERNINA L 860 Overlocker, but any 4-thread overlock machine can be used to make this project.

But don’t worry: we’ll walk you through it all step by step, so even if you.

You’ll enjoy the ultimate serger.

#C12 COVERSTITCH / COMPENSATING FOOT. bernina. Chestnut Ridge Sewing 5079 T.

BERNINA L 890 | shop. Here we have a great video tutorial as a freebie: Quickly unpick or secure coverstitch. The finer a fabric is, the tighter the stitch may be, and the heavier, the longer the stitch. . You’ll enjoy the ultimate overlocking and coverstitch experience when you combine the many preprogrammed stitches with the beauty of decorative threads.


Pretty cool, huh?. 9:30 AM 1:00 PM.


Setting up the machine Threading the needle manually With the needle inserter/threader every needle can be threaded easily.

As a solution, it is proposed:.

Project tutorials Discover the BERNINA Blog The best tips & tricks for sewing.

Find the right presser feet for your BERNINA sewing machine from a simple zigzag foot.